busy bee

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it’s been a while since i have had a chance to sit down and write. i have been extremely busy with school. with the semester winding down, i am contemplating on all the cool things i learned. in my history of design class, i encountered the writings of victor papnek. you should google him. he’s pretty rad. i have found that when it comes to consumerism, he and i are on the same page.

lately i have become disgusted with the amount of things i have consumed over the last couple years. so much stuff, and no room to place it, so what do i do with it? discard it? have a garage sale? donate it? if i didn’t consume quit as much in the first place i wouldn’t have this problem.

in papanek’s book, design for the real world he makes this statement, and it has stuck with me.

“Advertising design, in persuading people to buy things they don’t need, with money they don’t have, in order to impress people who don’t care, is probably the phoniest field in existence today. Industrial design,  by concocting the tawdry idiocies hawked by advertisers, comes a close second.”

he’s got some pretty radical thinking, but also some very justified opinions.

check out this flow chart from his book.

he wrote this book in the early seventies i think, so about 40 yrs ago, and his ideas are still totally right on. im glad to have discovered him this semester.




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tonight while shoveling the driveway, i met my neighbor glenn. he has 3 teeth. i found myself staring at his mouth while he carried our conversation, wondering if he has a tough time eating, or chewing steak. i suppose his one incisor is good enough to do the job. aside from his unfortunate dental woes, he is a seemingly nice man. he takes his snow blower and clears our sidewalks for us.  its nice to have neighbors who look out for one another.

his leathered face and gray whiskers seem to be a sign of a man who has worked hard all his life. he would be a good candidate for some portrait photography. the lines in his face look as though they have a lot to tell about his life.

one of my favorite things about portraits in what they can say about a person. i especially enjoy the sort of documentary they provide when taken of a subject in natural surroundings.  one photographer i enjoy is dorothea lange. i am sure you have all seen her portrait entitled, migrant mother, from 1936.

 if you are unaware of who she is, i would suggest you look her up. quite a remarkable woman for her time. she has some very interesting work documenting the japenese internment in america. these photos have sparked in interest in the history of this forcible relocation of minority groups, like the japanese and also the native americans. i feel that americans have sort of swept these issues under the rug. i am curious to learn more about them. perhaps my knowledgeable friends can give me the titles some documentaries or good books to read.

charles bronson

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some exciting news. i got a new bike. meet the newest member of my bike family, charles bronson. he’s a surly cross check and current love of my life. needless to say, im very excited to go riding. the weather has been fairly decent, as the degrees have been in the late 20s, early 30s. cold, but bearable to ride.  i’ll be even more excited when the weather is much better.

walking down to the basement has become a pleasant experience, as we keep our bikes down there. its nice to see  all of our bikes lined up. and my roommate is looking to acquire a new mountain bike. our love for bicycles is only just beginning. we have drunk the kool-aid, and i am supposing it only gets worse from here.

in other news, tonite i broke out into hives from medicine. my sniffles have progressed to a full on cold. i took a prescription med, and broke out into hives. i have never itched so much in my entire life. my friend from my epfe class and i were supposed to be each others date to a valentines party tonite, but i had to cancel due to the fact that i am currently dying. he was super nice and brought me some flowers and an anti itch skin relieving bath powder. i thought it to be a funny combination for a valentine’s day gift. flowers and anti-itch. but incredibly nice of him to drop these things off.  it was sort of embarrassing since i am covered in red splotches and bumps with a runny nose and coughing up a lung. i am certainly a sight. i am thinking about taking an antihistamine or some sort of allergy med, but i am leery of medication. 

unfortunately i will be missing baby fiona’s baptism at church tomorrow. i wasn’t sure what kind of gift to get an infant for such an occasion. perhaps cash? sock full of quarters? cocaine? haha just kidding.

well i hope you are all having a wonderful valentines day. i personally don’t usually celebrate the made-up holiday, but the one year i do decide to take part, i break out into hives and am a hot mess. i think its proof that this day is completely over rated, and it’s not because im jaded or anything. im just realistic. ha.


6-11 inches.

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looks like winter is finally hitting the midwest.  i have to say, although i am eager for the warmer weather, winter hasn’t been too bad. fairly mild. this sort of snow accumulation is something i used to expect in december and january. the only thing i am dreading is having to shovel the driveway and the sidewalks. wouldn’t want the mailman slipping. we are already on thin ice with mr. mailman after the whole, “oh no, the dog, dobber, got loose and took off after you because he hates you” incident. i am still not sure if the apology letter from dobber or the christmas cookies smoothed things over with him or not.

the weather will proved a good excuse for me to stay in tonite and finish organizing the den. my workspace has been cluttered for weeks. for anyone who knows me and my love for tidyness, clutter is not something i do well with. its fine, as long as i cannot see it. the problem is that i cannot seem to avoid it lately. instead of finding homes for my things i have created nice and neat little stacks here and there. i feel like a rebel.

speaking of rebellion, i have been reading an interesting book by bell hooks. i highly suggest you check her out. she is feminist who engages in a rebellious spirit of speaking her mind. she has some interesting theories on pedagogy. it has certainly made the copious amounts of reading i have ben doing this semester, much more enjoyable.

i suppose i should throw on some boots and head out into the snow. drive safe everyone. and bring a shovel.


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it’s been quite a busy couple of weeks. i was swamped with writing my first paper of the semester. 

i have also been quite busy trying to plan a trip to the UK this may. my roommate and i have decided to go to edinburgh and to york for 10 days. we are pretty excited. i am looking foward to visiting my dear friends dave, karen and lauren.  for you world travelers out there, is there anything i should visit or see while i am there?

i have been spending most of my times indoor lately, mostly due to homework, and a little to do with the weather. but the last couple days have been like a tropical heat wave. the 30 degree weather is treating me nicely, but making me yearn for fresh spring breezes. spring, get here soon! 

this weekend there will be an art opening held at the cyclery. the works of kara ginther will be featured. i’ve been told she is a leather artisan who will be displaying the work she has created on brook saddles. sounds fun and interesting. should you be in the dekalb area, think about stopping by the shop on saturday at 6:30pm. you can read more about kara ginther here:



oh that thoughtful lindsay lohan

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today i saw this headline on the huffpo, and i thought perhaps it was a joke headline, like in their comedy section. it wasn’t.

lindsay lohan

of all products to endorse and sell for charity… leggings? haha. ok. i think i’ll just stick to texting a number, and having them charge my phone bill to send funds to haiti.

speaking of lindsay lohan, i went on a lohan-esque bender saturday night, minus the cocaine.

i met up with some friends saturday night to paint the town red. it was a great time. we closed down the bar, which i hadnt done it quite some time, and continued to a friends house to have a dance party in his basement. we had a dance party for 4 hours. what a bunch of drunk fucks we are. haha. 4 hours?! goodness. it was a great time, but i won’t be pulling all nighters for quite some time. i am more of a cocktail at home, and crawl into bed by 10pm kind of girl. i passed out around 6:30am, and then woke up to josh whisper shouting at rachel to wake up some time around 8:30. thats when i decided to get in my car to go home and sleep in my own bed. except once i got in my car and drove down 7th street, i realized i was still hammered, so i pulled over, and parked my car. i got out, and walked the rest of the way home. and let me tell you, i cannot stress how much i want winter to be over. this will be so much easier in warm weather and i am on a bicycle all summer.

speaking of bikes, i have decided to use my tax refund to purchase a bike this year. im pretty excited about it. more on that to come.

well i suppose i should get back to my homework.



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ahhhh arrested development, how i have missed you. i spent my winter break watching all 3 seasons. such refreshing humor. i’ve been hard pressed to find anything i enjoy as much as this show. but something new has caught my eye. it has the undertones of AD. just a hint of their humor, and to make it better, there are two cast members from AD voicing this new glimmering beacon of hope. the show i am referring to is Archer. the women who play kitty, and lucille bluth voice two of the animated characters in Archer. and funny, because kitty plays a secretary, as she did in AD, and lucille voices the cold hearted mother, again just like AD. so far i have been sastisfied with the episodes. i can’t wait to see what the rest of the season cranks out. catch it thursdays on fx.

i am fairly selective of the television i watch. i used to be one of those people who said they didnt really watch tv. which i only watch a few things, but i thought it made me sound like an asshole. everyone watches tv. we all have our shows. i just try to avoid all the trash [all reality tv, minus cops]. but there are a few things that suck me in.  my tv watching has indeed worsened over the last year, as we have a dvr. stupid dvr. i can record anything that looks interesting. i actually sort of missed the old days when i only had basic cable. good ol channels 2-11. i was much more productive in those days.

speaking of being productive, i should probably get back to work. tra-la!