charles bronson

some exciting news. i got a new bike. meet the newest member of my bike family, charles bronson. he’s a surly cross check and current love of my life. needless to say, im very excited to go riding. the weather has been fairly decent, as the degrees have been in the late 20s, early 30s. cold, but bearable to ride.  i’ll be even more excited when the weather is much better.

walking down to the basement has become a pleasant experience, as we keep our bikes down there. its nice to see  all of our bikes lined up. and my roommate is looking to acquire a new mountain bike. our love for bicycles is only just beginning. we have drunk the kool-aid, and i am supposing it only gets worse from here.

in other news, tonite i broke out into hives from medicine. my sniffles have progressed to a full on cold. i took a prescription med, and broke out into hives. i have never itched so much in my entire life. my friend from my epfe class and i were supposed to be each others date to a valentines party tonite, but i had to cancel due to the fact that i am currently dying. he was super nice and brought me some flowers and an anti itch skin relieving bath powder. i thought it to be a funny combination for a valentine’s day gift. flowers and anti-itch. but incredibly nice of him to drop these things off.  it was sort of embarrassing since i am covered in red splotches and bumps with a runny nose and coughing up a lung. i am certainly a sight. i am thinking about taking an antihistamine or some sort of allergy med, but i am leery of medication. 

unfortunately i will be missing baby fiona’s baptism at church tomorrow. i wasn’t sure what kind of gift to get an infant for such an occasion. perhaps cash? sock full of quarters? cocaine? haha just kidding.

well i hope you are all having a wonderful valentines day. i personally don’t usually celebrate the made-up holiday, but the one year i do decide to take part, i break out into hives and am a hot mess. i think its proof that this day is completely over rated, and it’s not because im jaded or anything. im just realistic. ha.



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  1. welcome, new bike. ( :

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