oh that thoughtful lindsay lohan

today i saw this headline on the huffpo, and i thought perhaps it was a joke headline, like in their comedy section. it wasn’t.

lindsay lohan

of all products to endorse and sell for charity… leggings? haha. ok. i think i’ll just stick to texting a number, and having them charge my phone bill to send funds to haiti.

speaking of lindsay lohan, i went on a lohan-esque bender saturday night, minus the cocaine.

i met up with some friends saturday night to paint the town red. it was a great time. we closed down the bar, which i hadnt done it quite some time, and continued to a friends house to have a dance party in his basement. we had a dance party for 4 hours. what a bunch of drunk fucks we are. haha. 4 hours?! goodness. it was a great time, but i won’t be pulling all nighters for quite some time. i am more of a cocktail at home, and crawl into bed by 10pm kind of girl. i passed out around 6:30am, and then woke up to josh whisper shouting at rachel to wake up some time around 8:30. thats when i decided to get in my car to go home and sleep in my own bed. except once i got in my car and drove down 7th street, i realized i was still hammered, so i pulled over, and parked my car. i got out, and walked the rest of the way home. and let me tell you, i cannot stress how much i want winter to be over. this will be so much easier in warm weather and i am on a bicycle all summer.

speaking of bikes, i have decided to use my tax refund to purchase a bike this year. im pretty excited about it. more on that to come.

well i suppose i should get back to my homework.



~ by catlady1027meow on January 25, 2010.

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