tonight while shoveling the driveway, i met my neighbor glenn. he has 3 teeth. i found myself staring at his mouth while he carried our conversation, wondering if he has a tough time eating, or chewing steak. i suppose his one incisor is good enough to do the job. aside from his unfortunate dental woes, he is a seemingly nice man. he takes his snow blower and clears our sidewalks for us.  its nice to have neighbors who look out for one another.

his leathered face and gray whiskers seem to be a sign of a man who has worked hard all his life. he would be a good candidate for some portrait photography. the lines in his face look as though they have a lot to tell about his life.

one of my favorite things about portraits in what they can say about a person. i especially enjoy the sort of documentary they provide when taken of a subject in natural surroundings.  one photographer i enjoy is dorothea lange. i am sure you have all seen her portrait entitled, migrant mother, from 1936.

 if you are unaware of who she is, i would suggest you look her up. quite a remarkable woman for her time. she has some very interesting work documenting the japenese internment in america. these photos have sparked in interest in the history of this forcible relocation of minority groups, like the japanese and also the native americans. i feel that americans have sort of swept these issues under the rug. i am curious to learn more about them. perhaps my knowledgeable friends can give me the titles some documentaries or good books to read.


~ by catlady1027meow on February 22, 2010.

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