it’s been quite a busy couple of weeks. i was swamped with writing my first paper of the semester. 

i have also been quite busy trying to plan a trip to the UK this may. my roommate and i have decided to go to edinburgh and to york for 10 days. we are pretty excited. i am looking foward to visiting my dear friends dave, karen and lauren.  for you world travelers out there, is there anything i should visit or see while i am there?

i have been spending most of my times indoor lately, mostly due to homework, and a little to do with the weather. but the last couple days have been like a tropical heat wave. the 30 degree weather is treating me nicely, but making me yearn for fresh spring breezes. spring, get here soon! 

this weekend there will be an art opening held at the cyclery. the works of kara ginther will be featured. i’ve been told she is a leather artisan who will be displaying the work she has created on brook saddles. sounds fun and interesting. should you be in the dekalb area, think about stopping by the shop on saturday at 6:30pm. you can read more about kara ginther here:



~ by catlady1027meow on February 4, 2010.

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