im just resting my eyes.

me oh my. i don’t think i have ever read as much, not even for leisure, as i have in the last 3 days. i have 2 art history texts to read from, 4 texts for my Foundations of Education course, and thankfully only 1 text to read for my Education As An Agent For Change course. not to mention the new online articles two of my teacher LOVE to post almost daily. my eyeballs are burning. i am swamped with reading assignments, as well as homework. this semester is proving that i will need to become much more disciplined with my time.  i thought i was doing pretty well with time management, until i enrolled in these classes. perhaps  i have not had a semester that required this much reading that i am not prepared for it. 7 texts a week + additional readings and posts online seems pretty heavy for any semester, but again, i am not sure if  this is normal or if i just happened to take classes with insane professors.

i have taken some time away from my academic readings to peruse this little beauty.

the websters pictoral dictionary is fascinating. it has all these engravings that they used to use in the dictionary. you know what i mean, all those little pictures that were next to words and such. 

it’s a great way to sort of rest my eyes. i mean to look at something and not have to intensely focus on meaning or understanding. i suppose it is more of a way to rest my brain rather than my eyes, though.   i had wanted this book for quite some time, and dear friends tina, nick and their beautiful baby fiona purchased it for me for christmas. not to play favorites, but this was definitely up there on my list of “totally rad stuff i got for christmas.”  quite funny tho, i actually received 8, yes 8, books for christmas. all very neat books to read and look at. mostly art related, which is right up my alley, and mostly awesome. too bad i will probably never want to read another bit of written word after next week’s reading assignments.

also happening around campus, aside from the grumbling complaints of students like myself, there is a pretty neat little exhibition going on at the niu art museum, located in altgeld hall [the castle building]  here is a link with the information:

one thing i am particularly excited for are the visiting artists, cannonball press. yesterday they had an artist lecture, which unfortunately i had to miss.

the reception is tomorrow, thursday, january 21st from 4:30p-7p. 

i really wouldn’t miss it. they printmakers make very large woodcut prints. i mean grandiose in size. and woodcutting is extremely labor intensive. i watched dear friend curtis work on some of his woodcuts for months. but the outcome is phenomenal. to get a better idea of just how big, visit dear friend ann’s blog.

 she has some pretty neat photos of the exhibit being set up. i also read on her blog that the artists will be performing together in a performance piece. everyone loves a good performance piece, right?

well i hope your wednesday is stupendous and hope to see you at the reception.



~ by catlady1027meow on January 20, 2010.

One Response to “im just resting my eyes.”

  1. thanks for the shout out! did you make it to the reception? i have a video on my blog of the cannonball visit.
    that dictionary is gorgeous!

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