6-11 inches.

looks like winter is finally hitting the midwest.  i have to say, although i am eager for the warmer weather, winter hasn’t been too bad. fairly mild. this sort of snow accumulation is something i used to expect in december and january. the only thing i am dreading is having to shovel the driveway and the sidewalks. wouldn’t want the mailman slipping. we are already on thin ice with mr. mailman after the whole, “oh no, the dog, dobber, got loose and took off after you because he hates you” incident. i am still not sure if the apology letter from dobber or the christmas cookies smoothed things over with him or not.

the weather will proved a good excuse for me to stay in tonite and finish organizing the den. my workspace has been cluttered for weeks. for anyone who knows me and my love for tidyness, clutter is not something i do well with. its fine, as long as i cannot see it. the problem is that i cannot seem to avoid it lately. instead of finding homes for my things i have created nice and neat little stacks here and there. i feel like a rebel.

speaking of rebellion, i have been reading an interesting book by bell hooks. i highly suggest you check her out. she is feminist who engages in a rebellious spirit of speaking her mind. she has some interesting theories on pedagogy. it has certainly made the copious amounts of reading i have ben doing this semester, much more enjoyable.

i suppose i should throw on some boots and head out into the snow. drive safe everyone. and bring a shovel.



~ by catlady1027meow on February 9, 2010.

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