im just resting my eyes.

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me oh my. i don’t think i have ever read as much, not even for leisure, as i have in the last 3 days. i have 2 art history texts to read from, 4 texts for my Foundations of Education course, and thankfully only 1 text to read for my Education As An Agent For Change course. not to mention the new online articles two of my teacher LOVE to post almost daily. my eyeballs are burning. i am swamped with reading assignments, as well as homework. this semester is proving that i will need to become much more disciplined with my time.  i thought i was doing pretty well with time management, until i enrolled in these classes. perhaps  i have not had a semester that required this much reading that i am not prepared for it. 7 texts a week + additional readings and posts online seems pretty heavy for any semester, but again, i am not sure if  this is normal or if i just happened to take classes with insane professors.

i have taken some time away from my academic readings to peruse this little beauty.

the websters pictoral dictionary is fascinating. it has all these engravings that they used to use in the dictionary. you know what i mean, all those little pictures that were next to words and such. 

it’s a great way to sort of rest my eyes. i mean to look at something and not have to intensely focus on meaning or understanding. i suppose it is more of a way to rest my brain rather than my eyes, though.   i had wanted this book for quite some time, and dear friends tina, nick and their beautiful baby fiona purchased it for me for christmas. not to play favorites, but this was definitely up there on my list of “totally rad stuff i got for christmas.”  quite funny tho, i actually received 8, yes 8, books for christmas. all very neat books to read and look at. mostly art related, which is right up my alley, and mostly awesome. too bad i will probably never want to read another bit of written word after next week’s reading assignments.

also happening around campus, aside from the grumbling complaints of students like myself, there is a pretty neat little exhibition going on at the niu art museum, located in altgeld hall [the castle building]  here is a link with the information:

one thing i am particularly excited for are the visiting artists, cannonball press. yesterday they had an artist lecture, which unfortunately i had to miss.

the reception is tomorrow, thursday, january 21st from 4:30p-7p. 

i really wouldn’t miss it. they printmakers make very large woodcut prints. i mean grandiose in size. and woodcutting is extremely labor intensive. i watched dear friend curtis work on some of his woodcuts for months. but the outcome is phenomenal. to get a better idea of just how big, visit dear friend ann’s blog.

 she has some pretty neat photos of the exhibit being set up. i also read on her blog that the artists will be performing together in a performance piece. everyone loves a good performance piece, right?

well i hope your wednesday is stupendous and hope to see you at the reception.



the apocalypse is coming

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my what a crazy past couple of days. i am sure many of you are glued the the tragedy going on in haiti. while the haitian world is apocalyptic, heidi montag [that girl from some reality show] revealed that she is addicted to plastic surgery, and kate gosselin [the original octo-mom. has those asian babies on tv] got hair extensions. it really puts your life into perspective doesn’t it. ha.

i made it through my first week of classes without being able to use my concocted story. dang! we participated in greeting games in only 2 classes, neither asked about personal interests or facts. just your name, major and year. bor-ring! my sculpture teacher did ask us to name our favorite reality show, and we had a small argument on whether or not cops is reality television. if you did not get that, cops is my favorite reality show. everyone in the class loves the show, jersey shore. i loathe that show.

moving on. so i am planning a trip to scotland and england come may. my roommate and i are going to travel together and are still peicing together our trip. will be booking flights this weekend probably, then i will be spending 12 hours in a plane. 12 hours. i cant sit still for a movie. how am i going to last 12 hours? i am very excited to visit dear friends dave and joanne and dear friend karen and dear friend lauren. hopefully the world hasn’t ended by then.

this morning i decided to try cuban coffee. it is essentially a strong esspresso. er, stronger i should say. i decided to have two of these baby cups of coffee, and my heart is beating out of my chest. i could only hope to go into cardiac arrest. it feels like a tiny man inside of my ribcage pounding away with a hammer at rapid speed. what is going on in there? make it stop. i am so wired that i can’t get anything accomplished. i cant concentrate. this is the opposite of the effect i thought it would have on me. normally my morning coffee helps put me on track and accomplish my tasks for the day. today i feel like i am tweaking.

and now i have to continue to try and do things, then realize i can’t do them and begin another task i am not going to finish. gah.  its like ADD on steroids

hope your day moves as fast as my beating heart.


the daily grind

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today is the first day back to school.

last night i carefully calculated my 8 hours of sleep, but once i hit the pillow, i did not fade to black as per usual. i have an uncanny ability to fall asleep almost immediately after resting me head upon the fluff of down feathers, but last night i could not catch a wink of sleep. i fear that planning my beauty rest jinxed myself. it has taken me almost 25 years of my life to realize that a full 8 hours of sleep is amazing, and truly necessary. on most occasions i get about 7, which is close enough for me. little under a year ago, i was managing on about 4-6 hours of rest, but once i committed to the idea of getting more sleep, i could never go back to a measly 5 hours. i have learned to leave things undone, so that i may make it to an appropriate bedtime. i used to not be able to fall asleep until everything was in place: dishes done, laundry put away, homework finished, work organized, etc. etc…  then i realized i will be here the next day to wake up and put it away, or finish whatever wasn’t deemed urgent.

without my prerequisite of sleep, i have been unable to be bright eyed and bushy tailed as i planned. i am back to the daily grind of work and school. working full time and attending school full time is a rough day. but i have done if for the last couple years, and i am almost done! huzzah! 3 semesters left. [i hope].  i never knew the meaning of hard work until i had to do both school and work to support myself. i am really sort of glad that i do both. it will make me appreciate when i have a job, in which it is the only main thing to occupy my day. even on break, i was sort of excited to have time away from class because i was able to get other things accomplished, without feeling rushed every day.  my days are usually 12 hours long, so any free time i have is usually well after 7pm. it makes it very hard to be as social as i would like to be, or to engage in other affairs i enjoy, like knitting/crocheting or reading or painting. those activities are left for breaks.  sundays are my days to revel in my idleness. i sleep in, make breakfast, do my crosswords and can take my time doing household chores.  no rush to do anything. i love sundays. i live for sundays.

but today is monday, and now sunday is so far away. i will say that i am sort of excited for this monday. i have always been secretly excited about school starting. i say that i am not, because i do not want to commit myself to long hours of work and school, but i am always really excited for the first day of class. the introductory class period is always fun, and usually you can expect to not have any homework. we go over the syllabus, and participate in some sort of “introduce yourself” activity. i always like when people have to tell us something interesting about themselves. most people say things like, my favorite color is purple, or i enjoy playing soccer. how un-imaginative. i like to tell absurd lies, just to see who is really that gullible. i think this year i will state that i am a cage fighter in an obscure women’s league. i think my favorite lie was telling people i am related to kim jong-il in my life drawing class. not a single person doubted me. ha. fools. i am not sure why i enjoy these elaborate lies, as i hate liars in general. i mean i cannot stand it when people are constantly lying, but i find big mythical lies to be quite humorous. i do think its a wee bit naughty to play my fellow students like fools, but usually the classmates i like are the ones who can detect the bullshit.

if anyone knows me well enough they can usually spot my lie. i have many tells. for instance, i stop breathing. i sort of hold my breath a bit right before i expel an untruth. i wont tell you my other signals, but there are many. i am not usually good at lying to friends and family, but have no problem telling strangers tall tales. [ not that this is something i do alot. just to get a kick every now and again. my usual instance occurs on the first day of the semester]

funny that i enjoy this, because i am quite the gullible person myself. i have a friend who has the ability to make me and several other friends believe every word that tumbles from his lips. usually invoking a response of, “really?!” or, “no way! crazy.”  i should probably resist the urge to believe anything dear friend alan says.  he is not a pathological liar or a bad liar in any way. he is just poking fun. but he gets us every time.  and every time we sigh and say, “oh man, i cant believe i believed you.” jokes on us. today the joke will be on a classroom of about 30 students.

here’s hoping i get the chance to use this concocted “interesting fact” this semester.

and here’s hoping your monday is also full of fun and hijinks.

cheers, my lovelies! have a grand day.

same stuff, different year.

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the new year has begun, and i feel like i am drowning in its current. the end of the year was quite busy and i barely noticed the change of a new year. i haven’t really made any important, life-altering resolution. i have made a couple little promises to myself, in which i hope to fufill, but will not call them resolutions, for fear that i will not accomplish them. here they are.

1. ride my bikes more. [i spent a good amount of time on my bikes last summer, and am looking foward to spending more time on them as soon as the weather eases up]

2. re-alphabetize my books and my dvds. [i enjoy order, and had kept my books and dvds in alphabetical order on my shelves until i moved this past summer. then it became a bit chaotic and movies and books were not put back in their proper place bc a roommate did not know of my rule, and then i started ignoring my own rule. i let it get out of hand, and became to lazy to fix it.]

3. try to get over one of my fears [ i am deathly afraid of birds, and it has kept me from traveling down the bike path on 64, as blackbirds nest there and swoop at you. i cried the last time i tried and had to turn around and go home. the anxiety was too much. i also fear heavy traffic, driving into the city or basically anywhere outside of dekalb, and am also afraid of bridges and fishing.  all seem to stifle my sense of adventure a wee bit. i honestly do not see myself getting over these fears anytime soon]

i guess we will see if i will fulfill these promises. only time will tell.

classes begin next week, and this semester will be more, um, academic, than artistic. i only have one studio class, and the rest are education courses. which means, alot of reading. it will be weird to only have one studio class as i am accustomed to taking 3 every semester [which is nuts. projects!projects!projects! all due at the same time on top of one another!] perhaps this change will provide a break from stress, or add to it. we shall see.

i am doing my best to enjoy my last week of “break.” i wouldn’t call it a break, as my time for school was replaced with more hours at work, holiday time, and accomplishing things i dont normally have time to do, like clean out closets, organize.

well i hope the start of a new year has been good to the rest of you folks. i havent really felt the change of a decade or the “fresh start” of a new year. feels the same, but the numbers have changed.  have a great hump-day.


happy christmas!

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happy christmas everyone!

i’ll leave you with a story by one of my favorite authors.  it is entitled, 6-8 black men, written and told by david sedaris. the story is featured in his book, dress your family in corduroy and denim. it’s a book full of short stories, like his others. hope these holidays are treating you all well. safe travels and i hope you dont run out of egg nog.


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the ice kept me indoors last night and i caught up on my jeopardy recordings on the dvr. have you been watching lately? there is a tutor, named ryan, who has been kicking butt the last couple days, and he has been a joy to watch.  during final jeopardy he doesn’t usually wager anything, because he is so far ahead of his opponents, and if he doesn’t know the answer he usually writes something funny, like, hot pastrami sandwich. its been giving me a laugh. but yesterdays jeopardy was intense. another opponent gave him a run for his money and they were neck and neck. mark was actually ahead by 800 dollars when final jeopardy came aroung. ryan, the tutor, then wagered an amt for the first time and wagered his whole pot.  he won. it was great. and intense!

im currently making my dad some cds of new music i think he’ll like. kind of cool that we have some similair taste in music. check out mastodon. im thinking poppa will love them. pretty sure of it.

well its christmas eve, and i will be at work all day. yahoo. i’ve brought an arsenal of christmas movies to keep me occupied: christmas vacation [ a classic], elf, a christmas story, and miracle on 34th street [the one featuring natalie wood, of course]. that is if i will have time to watch them. im thinking i will.

for those of you who celebrate christmas, i hope you are all with your families, eating, drinking and being merry.

chag sameach

happy holidays

and of course, cheers!

jingle bells, batman smells, robin layed an egg…

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holy smokes. tomorrow is christmas eve. where has this month gone?! it’s been quite busy. i am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my best friend’s baby. dear friend tina is now 8 days overdue. i wanna see this kid because there is a betting pool on the gender of this thing. as well as size etc… 

the christmas festivities are upon us. i have been whipping up batches of cookies, mostly to be eaten by hungry boys who show up at my house. i suspect thats why my friends keep coming over. sadly this year, i do not have plans for christmas eve, or for christmas morning. due to the merging of two families [my sister got married] our christmas schedule got thrown off a bit, and we have to wait to open presents. i know that at 25 yrs of age, i should not care about opening presents, but i want to open presents in the morning like we always do. i guess im just a brat. at least i will be with family on christmas evening and the next day. my parents both work in places where holidays don’t exist, so i wont even get to see them on christmas eve! [so for all you hospital workers, service employees like firefighters, cops, etc merry xmas and i hope you get to make up the time with your families.. may your xmas day work hours go fast and easy!] i suppose i can see if my brother would want to hang out on xmas eve. eat cookies and watch movies. he lives 4 minutes from me, so it’s nice to have him around.

i hope all of you have your holiday shopping done by now. i would hate to have to go out on a day like tmw. last minute shoppers. eek! oh and i have a beef with some of you shoppers. with the large amount of people out this time of year, i run into the problem of people parking like jack asses, quite frequently. especially owners of large SUV vehicles. if you cannot park them, do not drive them. i could not even get into the driver’s side door of my car. i had to climb over the passenger’s seat because the idiot next to me, practically parked on top of my car. i realize that it is cold, and no one wants to walk an extra 25 feet. [why thats 25 extra steps!] but take one for the team, and park farther away from other vehicles, if you cannot pull into a spot or figure out how to fit the tank you drive into one. why would you drive or buy a car you can’t even park? assholes.

well i suppose that is enough christmas cheer for the day.

i’ll let the lovely eartha kitt [and her drag queens?] end this post.

hope you all enjoy your holidays