the apocalypse is coming

my what a crazy past couple of days. i am sure many of you are glued the the tragedy going on in haiti. while the haitian world is apocalyptic, heidi montag [that girl from some reality show] revealed that she is addicted to plastic surgery, and kate gosselin [the original octo-mom. has those asian babies on tv] got hair extensions. it really puts your life into perspective doesn’t it. ha.

i made it through my first week of classes without being able to use my concocted story. dang! we participated in greeting games in only 2 classes, neither asked about personal interests or facts. just your name, major and year. bor-ring! my sculpture teacher did ask us to name our favorite reality show, and we had a small argument on whether or not cops is reality television. if you did not get that, cops is my favorite reality show. everyone in the class loves the show, jersey shore. i loathe that show.

moving on. so i am planning a trip to scotland and england come may. my roommate and i are going to travel together and are still peicing together our trip. will be booking flights this weekend probably, then i will be spending 12 hours in a plane. 12 hours. i cant sit still for a movie. how am i going to last 12 hours? i am very excited to visit dear friends dave and joanne and dear friend karen and dear friend lauren. hopefully the world hasn’t ended by then.

this morning i decided to try cuban coffee. it is essentially a strong esspresso. er, stronger i should say. i decided to have two of these baby cups of coffee, and my heart is beating out of my chest. i could only hope to go into cardiac arrest. it feels like a tiny man inside of my ribcage pounding away with a hammer at rapid speed. what is going on in there? make it stop. i am so wired that i can’t get anything accomplished. i cant concentrate. this is the opposite of the effect i thought it would have on me. normally my morning coffee helps put me on track and accomplish my tasks for the day. today i feel like i am tweaking.

and now i have to continue to try and do things, then realize i can’t do them and begin another task i am not going to finish. gah.  its like ADD on steroids

hope your day moves as fast as my beating heart.



~ by catlady1027meow on January 18, 2010.

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