same stuff, different year.

the new year has begun, and i feel like i am drowning in its current. the end of the year was quite busy and i barely noticed the change of a new year. i haven’t really made any important, life-altering resolution. i have made a couple little promises to myself, in which i hope to fufill, but will not call them resolutions, for fear that i will not accomplish them. here they are.

1. ride my bikes more. [i spent a good amount of time on my bikes last summer, and am looking foward to spending more time on them as soon as the weather eases up]

2. re-alphabetize my books and my dvds. [i enjoy order, and had kept my books and dvds in alphabetical order on my shelves until i moved this past summer. then it became a bit chaotic and movies and books were not put back in their proper place bc a roommate did not know of my rule, and then i started ignoring my own rule. i let it get out of hand, and became to lazy to fix it.]

3. try to get over one of my fears [ i am deathly afraid of birds, and it has kept me from traveling down the bike path on 64, as blackbirds nest there and swoop at you. i cried the last time i tried and had to turn around and go home. the anxiety was too much. i also fear heavy traffic, driving into the city or basically anywhere outside of dekalb, and am also afraid of bridges and fishing.  all seem to stifle my sense of adventure a wee bit. i honestly do not see myself getting over these fears anytime soon]

i guess we will see if i will fulfill these promises. only time will tell.

classes begin next week, and this semester will be more, um, academic, than artistic. i only have one studio class, and the rest are education courses. which means, alot of reading. it will be weird to only have one studio class as i am accustomed to taking 3 every semester [which is nuts. projects!projects!projects! all due at the same time on top of one another!] perhaps this change will provide a break from stress, or add to it. we shall see.

i am doing my best to enjoy my last week of “break.” i wouldn’t call it a break, as my time for school was replaced with more hours at work, holiday time, and accomplishing things i dont normally have time to do, like clean out closets, organize.

well i hope the start of a new year has been good to the rest of you folks. i havent really felt the change of a decade or the “fresh start” of a new year. feels the same, but the numbers have changed.  have a great hump-day.



~ by catlady1027meow on January 6, 2010.

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