jingle bells, batman smells, robin layed an egg…

holy smokes. tomorrow is christmas eve. where has this month gone?! it’s been quite busy. i am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my best friend’s baby. dear friend tina is now 8 days overdue. i wanna see this kid because there is a betting pool on the gender of this thing. as well as size etc… 

the christmas festivities are upon us. i have been whipping up batches of cookies, mostly to be eaten by hungry boys who show up at my house. i suspect thats why my friends keep coming over. sadly this year, i do not have plans for christmas eve, or for christmas morning. due to the merging of two families [my sister got married] our christmas schedule got thrown off a bit, and we have to wait to open presents. i know that at 25 yrs of age, i should not care about opening presents, but i want to open presents in the morning like we always do. i guess im just a brat. at least i will be with family on christmas evening and the next day. my parents both work in places where holidays don’t exist, so i wont even get to see them on christmas eve! [so for all you hospital workers, service employees like firefighters, cops, etc merry xmas and i hope you get to make up the time with your families.. may your xmas day work hours go fast and easy!] i suppose i can see if my brother would want to hang out on xmas eve. eat cookies and watch movies. he lives 4 minutes from me, so it’s nice to have him around.

i hope all of you have your holiday shopping done by now. i would hate to have to go out on a day like tmw. last minute shoppers. eek! oh and i have a beef with some of you shoppers. with the large amount of people out this time of year, i run into the problem of people parking like jack asses, quite frequently. especially owners of large SUV vehicles. if you cannot park them, do not drive them. i could not even get into the driver’s side door of my car. i had to climb over the passenger’s seat because the idiot next to me, practically parked on top of my car. i realize that it is cold, and no one wants to walk an extra 25 feet. [why thats 25 extra steps!] but take one for the team, and park farther away from other vehicles, if you cannot pull into a spot or figure out how to fit the tank you drive into one. why would you drive or buy a car you can’t even park? assholes.

well i suppose that is enough christmas cheer for the day.

i’ll let the lovely eartha kitt [and her drag queens?] end this post.

hope you all enjoy your holidays



~ by catlady1027meow on December 23, 2009.

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