poppa mez is 50!

today my father has turned 50! fairly young for a man, considering his youngest son is 22, and all of his children are self-sustaining [well sort-of] adults. i asked my dad how he felt about turning 50 this year, and he told me “i actually made it alot further in my life than i thought i would. i guess 50 wont be so bad.” i thought that was pretty neat. he’s pretty excited because he can retire in 5 years. his older sister turned fifty last year, and she was a bit devastated by the number. i guess women take “old age” differently. i hope i take it like my dad. happy to be here and excited to see where it takes you. im halfway there, but have not completed what my father did when he was 25. at 25, he was already married 3 years and had his second daughter [me!].  i couldnt even imagine being my age with a kid, let alone two, or even be married. pretty crazy if you ask me. anyways, i will keep this post short.

happy birthday to the best dad in the world. thank you for always encouraging me to do what makes me happy, keeping me in line, for teaching me how to properly drink scotch and whiskey, and never smoking your stinky cigars in my car, and thanks dad for always doing whatever i ask of you. you are the best, poppa!

mom and pop

this is my favorite picture of my mom and dad. taken circa 1980.

my dad still laments over the loss of that jacket.

we will be celebrating this big birthday with a party at maria’s restaurant in rockford tonight. im really really excited. marias is the best italian restaurant ever. definately a favorite place to eat. yum. can’t wait for dinner. hope you are all anticipating your evening, like i am.



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