ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls

ever since i took an art in america history class, i have always been fascinated with P.T. Barnum and the beginnings of the circus. P.T. Barnum, started a grand traveling museum and menagerie. the museum was presented as a bit scientific. animals were stuffed and displayed.  it was much like going thru sort of a museum of natural history. from this, it transformed into sort of a fun house. this is what i find so fascinating. im attracted to the oddities and mutated “freaks” put on display.  bearded women, sword swallowers, twins, tattooed ladies, midgets, fat ladies, human canonballs, giants and other freaks of the sort.  its all of it that is so interesting. strange animals in cages, the hoaxes they put on, and the attention it all draws.

dear friend, nater, has advised me to watch the HBO series, carnivale, and i am pretty excited to check it out. i just read geek love not too long ago and loved it.  i think i might want to do some drawings based on the circus. i imagine i would have a lot of fun with it. i have sketchbooks full of ideas of things i want to create, pretty exciting. sometimes i feel so blocked, creatively, during my breaks from school. i think its because i get sort of burnt out on cranking out artworks for classes. but this break i have really hit the ground running and am ready to crank out new stuff all winter break long. hopefully this creativity will follow me into the next semester.

i mean look at these pictures. are these people really freaks? conjoined twins and tattooed women? back then yes, they were mysterious and sort of a horror to look at or experience. but now? a bit common i guess. or much less shocking. damn you, science. you’ve explained all the mysteries.

these people were just the unfortunate victims of genetic mutations, and put on display to make money. but the circus seemed to provide community and fellowship for these strange wonders.  our circus has evolved since then, now we know our circus to contain big elephants, clowns and trapeze artists.  the side show seemed to disappear and the age of freaks has sort of passed. most likely because they figured out that the whole show is sort of a bit cruel, but fascinating history, nonetheless.

i’ll let you all know how the tv show carnivale is after i watch it.

well on a side note, i am feeling much better today. almost 100%. i do not like to take over the counter medicines, as i believe they do not really help or aid sickness. my mommy came over last night to pump me full of vitamins and minerals, and let me tell you, it works. it always does. there is nothing better than your mother’s care, even when you are 25 years old. they always know exactly how to make you feel better.  i can even hold down food. huzzah! 2 days without an appetite has sent it’s return into overdrive. i am thinking a tummy full of smiley face pancakes sounds delicious. i think i will have the boys at egghaven, next door, send me an order while i am working/watching star trek for the third time.  happy monday everyone. i hope you have a great start to your week. mine certainly has been good since i spent my weekend curled up in a bed hoping to die.

also still cant believe i missed this show because i was too sick.



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3 Responses to “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls”

  1. I’ve been going through my own circus obsession lately. I love geek love and for christmas my boyfriend got me an awesome book about all things circus. i think you would love it and you can get it at barnes and nobles in the clearance art section. tons and tons of great photos. They have the same book at the contemporary art museum but it’s super huge and it’s 200 dollars. at b and n? 20. go look! and glad to hear you’re feeling better!

  2. i actually bought that book on friday when i went holiday shopping. i was purchasing my dad a few things for his birthday and wound up spending quite a bit of money on myself. i got a few books on tattoos, guns, cigars, and another vegetarian cookbook. i love the b&n clearance, but it makes it too easy to spend money haha.

  3. also, google “the circus age: life under the big top.”
    i think that is what it is called… its a pretty neat book too.

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