movies movies movies

friday afternoon i ventured out to do some christmas shopping, only to return home with a case of the flu. it takes alot to take me down, so when i get sick, i cant move. paralysis seems to set in, and i cant leave my bed. still pretty ache-y today and not ready to leave my bed.

i’ve had a movie marathon this weekend since i quarantined myself. so far i have watched, gran torino, hackers, about a boy, star wars [twice!],  4 christmases, up and now im watching angels and demons. its a particularly horrible movie, i am just too lazy to  get up and change the dvd to something else.  i cry everytime i watch gran torino and up.

the movie, up, makes me want to run out, get married and have lots of adventures before it’s too late. makes you think about your clock. a really cute movie.

i have done nothing this weekend. pretty worthless. i hate being sick.


~ by catlady1027meow on December 13, 2009.

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