S you in your A’s

every morning i get on the ol’ puter and check the weather. this is what it told me today.

apparently dekalb is having a heat wave this weekend. haha [some of you may not get the joke, bc you have no idea about the proximity of the two cities. guess you have to be here]

well the weekend is upon us, and i am trying to figure out what i want to do. the ice cold winds and weather are stifling my plans though. chicago, as much as i hate that city, may be in the cards. i would like to hit the art institute and russian circles will be playing tmw night as well. some art and good music? sounds like a wonderful way to spend my saturday. my other dilemma is christmas shopping.

i havent started. shit. i have no idea what to get anyone this year. normally i get very excited about gift giving and especially wrapping presents. this year im sort of a scrooge. bah humbug. just the idea of setting foot in a crowded store bugs me. maybe envelopes of cash is the way to go this year.

last night was quite an interesting night. my roommate’s cousin had some friends over to drink before they hit up starbusters for the evening. i think they took like an hour to “get ready” in the bathroom. they were already wearing make-up, so i am not sure what they were doing. if i cant put my makeup on in less than 10 min, i dont put it on. i thought about going with them, but once they uttered “starbusters” as the bar of their choice, i quickly made plans to hit andys/annex/ottos instead.  watching them get ready made me realize that i am glad im not like them. i think my roommate’s cousin is pretty awesome, dont get me wrong, i just dont think i will ever be the kind of woman that has to wear short dresses and apply 9 coats of makeup to my face.  one of the girls asked me if i needed to get ready in the bathroom, and i said no, i just have to toss on thicker socks. it induced this reply, “oh so you are wearing that to the bars? what kind of bars do you go to?”  i was wearing my normal daytime ensemble of jeans, plaid button up and hoodie with snow boots.  believe it or not, that look does go from day to night. especially when you live in rural dekalb, in the freezing midwest. i’ll admit, i looked a bit like a lumberjack, but i sort of felt subconscious about my appearance after she asked if that was really what i was wearing to the bar. its not like i hang out in bars full of women with moustaches and old dudes head to toe in flannel.  although in her eyes, it wouldn’t have mattered haha. and i also think i would enjoy myself in a bar like that. i realize i will never cover myself in body shimmer and go to bars where there are slut boxes to dance on, but don’t make me feel bad for wanting to go to a bar where i can be comfortably dressed. sometimes i thank the heavens that i am not what would be described as, “hot,”  or the conventional, media-influenced, type of pretty, because then i would wonder: if i was, would i turn out to be the very sort of girl i loathe? i like my cynicism and humor and overall personality. i like wearing clothes that make me look like a lumberjack [which  may occasionally make people mistake me as a lesbian haha]. and i really like knowing i don’t have to try so hard.  the downside are when these girls actually make you second guess yourself.  normally i don’t care what anyone thinks, and i try not to judge others based on things like; how one is dressed. hey, if you  have clothes on, you are one step ahead of some of my guy friends. but for some reason, i was really sort of insecure for a moment last night. i think it’s the hormones. lately i have been affected by things like commercials, movies, people. i cry all the time. it just started after i turned 25. my emotions get high and low. i used to be stone cold about things. every once in a great while i would have my moody woman crying fits. but usually, nothing affected me. now when i get upset or frustrated, i just want to cry like a baby, or i get really bothered by things. man, dudes have it  so easy. i would never want to be a man, because i think shaving everyday would be horrible[ and having back hair would be awful] but i’d like to have their ability to be sort of care-free,or own even-keeled hormones.

well i suppose that is enough ranting for a day. hope you all are going to have spectacular weekends. stay warm! come cozy up next to me and drink spiked hot chocolate.  i’ll peace out the charlie way instead of my conventional “cheers”


~ by catlady1027meow on December 11, 2009.

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