im having myself a pretty merry little christmas, so far.

let me tell you what is making my holiday merry and bright.

shiner holiday cheer. tastes like christmas in your mouth. it’s a bit fruity, but ever so delightful.  thanks to my dear bartender who introduced me to the cheer. the annex has some really great bartenders. which is why i think i will forever love that bar, even though i feel too old to go there nowadays.

last night was an interesting night. my roommate’s cousin stays with us during the week when she has class. this being her last semester and she graduates on sunday, she has decided to spend the week celebrating. one problem. she rarely drinks. this week we will be prepping her for thursday nights end of the semester blow out. last night we gave her sort of a, uh,  tour de drinks.  we spent the evening ordering several drinks, not a single one repeated, for her to try at another local watering hole: twins tavern. now we live in a small town were mixed drinks run about 3 bucks- cheaper if there is a special… and our tab was about 50 bucks at the end of the night. pretty successful considering this cousin never drinks. let’s just hope she builds up a tolerance before thursday. we will continue with the training tonite. im just not sure if my liver is capable of this anymore. we’ll give it the ol’ college try, though.

well enough about my love for alcohol i suppose.

winter break has commenced and i spent my morning in bed. the entire morning. i didn’t get up until 10:45. i felt sort of guilty for wasting so many hours, but let me tell you, i haven’t slept so well in years. i woke up at 7 and just sort of lounged in bed floating in and out of sleep for the next 3+ hours.  it felt amazing. i don’t even do that on weekends, so it felt especially naughty to do that on a tuesday.

now i am off to string some glittered snowflakes across the doorways here.  happy holidays. i’ll leave you with something that has been making me move thoughout the days. its the black keys latest hip-hop infused project. BLAKROC. they worked with some pretty stellar artists. my favorite being, mos def. definately one of the greastest new things in music to come out of 2009.  speaking of, has anyone seen the grammy nominees? lame. they should make a grammy for the computer.  but here is “on the vista”

cheers! [or should i say, shiner holiday cheers!}


~ by catlady1027meow on December 8, 2009.

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