the corridor to hell lies within the aisles of walmart. i am sure of it.

i hope your holiday was wonderful and that you all survived black friday. well, those of you who went shopping. i certainly did not this year. the idea of crowds and waiting in long lines induces bouts of tourettes. although the deals are major, it is not worth the migraine or to subject the public to my growls, grumbles and cursings.  i consider crowds of that size to be my own personal hell.

dinner with the family was wonderful as always. an abundance of food, drinks and funny people is always a mix for good times. my family is truly a reason to be thankful. they are a strangely, delightful group of people. i couldn’t ask for a better family. they certainly make the holidays worth getting together. i always laugh my hardest when i am around them. its such a great feeling to walk into a warm home and see all your aunts and uncles and cousins. and its even better when you can hear them before you walk in the house. we are a loud uproarious group. it’s also pleasing to see our family continuously growing.  i guess we can’t be all that bad if the new additions of boyfriends and girlfriends stick around.

man may not be able to live on bread alone, but i am fairly certain i would be fine with just potatoes. a giant mound of mashed taters. nom nom nom.

it’s the weekend after thanksgiving, so for me, christmas season may officially commence. i get very upset when people jumpstart the season well before turkey day. you cant start a holiday before another one is over. it disrupts the rule of succession. but now that  turkey, or tofurkey, day has passed, and i am coasting on a hazy delightful high of over eating tasty stuffing- i am ready for the christmas music and decorations. bring on the holiday cheer. my roommate and i have decided to decorate tomorrow and ready the house for st. nick.  we have no fireplace, so perhaps he will have to shimmy through the drain pipe.

hope your holiday weekend has been swell. we’re slowly coming out of our food induced comas here.

dobs is always in a food induced coma. notice how he knocked the pillows off the couch and made a nice resting spot. my roommate’s dog sure is spoiled :0)  i do not allow him on my bed so he waits until i am dead asleep, and then jumps up to nestle himself against me. he is like a ninja. stealthy and quiet. what a sneak! ninja dobber struck again during my nap yesterday.  i dunno how he knows to jump up at a time when he is certain i will not wake.  he’s too cute to be mad at for long. oh to live a dog’s life. perhaps i’ll try it during my winter break.

have a great weekend, and to all you grinches out there, toss on some christmas with the rat pack. it will not disappoint and will certainly put you in a cheerful mood and proves to be slightly less annoying than the music in the stores.

oh and one last thing! make sure to go see this movie! it was truly fantastic!

Fantastic Mr. Fox



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