ahn young ha sae yo

lately i have been really divulging myself into my korean heritage with the artwork i am making. i have really been influenced alot by korean fabrics. most notably, i have been interested in the hanbok. a hanbok is a traditional korean dress. consider it the korean relative of the kimono, i guess.  what i love so much about hanboks, are the vibrant beautiful colors and patterns. growing up i distinctly remember certain colors associated with korean fabrics. the pairing of these vivid lime greens, blood orange reds and magentas have placed themselves into a color scheme i associate with “korean.”   perhaps the only way to understand korean colors is to look at them and see how they are placed together. i often times see these mash-ups of color, only together, when i look at korean bed covers, or han-boks.  take a look and see if you can tell what i mean.

these colors not only make my eyes happy, but they tie me to a culture. i think i want to work on a series of paintings experimenting with a limited palette of these colors i have dubbed as korean. i want to make art using these bold hues that have a meaning and an identity i share with them.

growing up i never really felt korean. and i never really felt caucasian. as a mixed race child, you sort of have an identity crisis throughout your childhood. i never felt “white” but for many years, i can remember wishing i had round eyes. i also have never fully assimilated or really craved to really reach out to my korean heritage. with my encounters, i always thought koreans were strange, but i think it was the hinderance of my desire to be the normal white anglo-saxson teenager that i never really explored it. being born a mixed race [half korean, half caucasian], i never really felt fully associated with either side. i didnt fit in to either mold.

looking back, i wish we had spoken more korean in the house and that i had taken more of a genuine interest in my ethnicity, but it’s never to late to discover and learn. it’s been alot of fun to read and ask more questions, and learn from my mom. knowledge can take you on wonderful journeys, and i am excited to see where it might take my paintings and drawings. 

the end of the semester is over in 2 weeks for me, and then i will have some free time to devote to my new discoveries.

happy monday!


~ by catlady1027meow on November 23, 2009.

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