me love you long time

i am chipper and more cheerful than ever this morning. thank you, coffee-induced caffeine buzz.  good news today. dear friend george is engaged to be married! hooray! its starting to happen… my little group of northern friends have been infiltrated with the love bug and are marrying off… good for them.

this morning in my dash out the door, i was shuffling thru the mess on my work table in the den and stumbled upon an artist card i had grabbed a few months back when dear friend curtis had a show at packer schopf in chicago. it’s another artist by the name of david buckingham. im very much drawn to his work. mostly because its sooo colorful and industrial. created from found metal. check him out!

neat, right? alot of his work is texts and words. some from movies. i’ve never been a fan of words in art, but how these are presented are what i find so unique about them.

would you like to know what else visually pleases me this morning? this necklace.

what a find! tina grabbed this at a garage sale for only 10 cents! she gave it to me for my birthday this year, and it is one of my beloved treasures. it so funny. i adore it.  i also attribute it to my good mood this morning. how can anyone have a foul day with a big plastic elephant dangling from their neck?

this weekend is looking jam-packed with activities. what to do… what to do? most certainly it will involve a trip or two to andy’s lounge for some fun. im thinking i will be spending a great majority of my time in the painting studio feverishly working on my diptych that is due monday. and saturday night is going to be fun. i have the choice of going to a hockey game, or to see minus the bear at ottos. minus the bear is in the lead, but either should be pretty fun. hope your weekend will be as much fun as mine, if not more! enjoy yourselves today. cue the music:



~ by catlady1027meow on November 20, 2009.

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