watching paint dry

im waiting for the absorbent ground to dry on the panel i built for my watercolor class. so while i wait to apply a second and third coat, i figured i would recount the lovely sunday i had.

i woke up fairly early, made a delicious cup of coffee and my roommate was nice enough to cook a hearty breakfast of eggs, and homemade hash browns [cut up and shredded by yours truly]. we then set off to Russell’s woods for a hike.  her friend/man friend steve came with and we had a pretty good time enjoying all the glory the outdoors has to offer.  we found a huge  burl [shout out to all you intervention fans and friends] and dobber, my roommates dog, even climbed up a log. see photo below.

he’s quite adventurous. after our lovely hike, i came home to cook a pot of black bean and rice soup. and let me tell you, it was delicious. 

took a trip out to trader joes to do some grocery shopping and got all sorts of yummy goods. my roommate and i are big fans of their mac and cheese and are always immediately drawn to the “this just in” shelves in back.  after snagging some delicious finds at TJs we came home and made dinner. toasted baguette topped with chevre goat cheese, avocado and tomaters. yum yum yum. needless to say, i think i could sum up the entire day with one word- delicious. having a roommate who also enjoys cooking is awesome. come eat with us one day.

but the best part of the day was yet to come. curb your enthusiasm and vegging on the couch. finished some laundry. all in all a perfect sunday, which set the tone for a perfect week. so far so good. its only tuesday , but the rest of the week is looking easy breezy. alot to do, but all in a manageable time frame.

hope your week is starting off swell. relaxing sundays usually help getting it started.

perhaps if the weather keeps up, i can canoe next weekend. care to join?



~ by catlady1027meow on November 17, 2009.

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