forget facebook friends, i want real friends.

so i have decided, come this weekend, i shall de-activate my facebook account. perhaps one day i shall return. my decision is solely based on the idea that i find it a wee bit sad that its made me so dependant on a website to socialize. i much rather enjoy phone calls, emails, and personal physical interactions. i had cut down from 400+ friends to roughly 160, as i thought who needs that many virtual friendships?  it isnt as though i really care to know what most of them are doing every second of the day. i don’t want to be friends with a profile. i want to be friends with real people. so here i am, look for me in the flesh. i will still keep my twitter account. i can’t give up being a complete tool cold turkey, and twitter consumes far less of my time. so instead, you can internet stalk my new blog, or hey you could call me and hang out. what will i do will all this new free time?




~ by catlady1027meow on November 16, 2009.

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